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Weekly Roundup II

IMG_7769I managed to get a bunch of writing done this week — much of it here on Food with Legs in fact — so I’m happy to say that this, the second weekly collation of my web writing, is longer than round number one. (Feel free to keep your comments to yourself about how it’s been more than a week since the last roundup.)

Food Bloggers of Canada Featured Blogger

I received a pleasant surprise in December 2013 when the folks at Food Bloggers of Canada let me know that they’d like to feature my blog on their site.

Ambassador of Cheese

For January, February, and March I will be participating in a programme run by the Dairy Farmers of Canada whereby they will send me cheese and I will share photos of it. Apparently, I’m the first participant who to interview them and post about the organisation.

Jack Astor’s Winter Fling Festival

Craft beer is more popular in Toronto than it was five years ago. It might be a “return to our roots”, gradual increase in the appreciation for a product that will prove to be long-lasting, or it might be that awful “t” word that I refuse to type here. I’m fascinated to watch the difference in how two companies add craft beer to their offerings. Let’s just say that compared to, say Bar Hop, Jack Astor’s has been cautious in their approach.

Keep Guacamole from Turning Brown

This post was both about the past of my food writing and the future. (I think.) It was one of the first times in a while that I’ve put together a post that features a photo that I shot carefully to be “shareable”, but also has a how-to video, which is something I definitely plan to do more of.

First Draught: a bourbon barrel-aged beer from Great Lakes Brewery

I don’t want to make future promises about the subjects of my beer column, but I have said that I’ll at least give any locally-produced barley wine a close look. The style is very age-worthy and is one where the ratio of contemplation to amount consumed is highest, so I think it makes sense to continue that line of contemplation by writing about the beer. I also really like drinking barley wines and there aren’t enough in Ontario (yet) to satisfy my interest.

Because I feel somewhat guilty for putting together post of self-promotion I’d like to also offer a point to someone else’s work. I think many of you many not know that Alton Brown is producing a podcast on the Nerdist Network. Have a listen; now that the Food Network is what it has become, this is the place where Alton gets to be cerebral and interesting. This week’s episode had Phillip Preston, the president of Polyscience as its guest.

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