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We Sure Can! Released

I’m excited to share the news that Sarah Hood’s We Sure Can! is now available for sale. Knowing Sarah and some of the other contributors (like Dana and Joel from Wellpreserved) I’d be pumped for this book even if I didn’t have a secondary, immodest motivation. Sarah was kind enough to ask me to submit three of my recipes for her to include in We Sure Can!

They are much polished and edited versions of recipes taken from these posts:

  • Serviceberry Jam: All the rain this May made for a lacklustre crop (I think in part because the birds were squeezed out of some of their preferred berry sources) so I only got a couple handfuls worth and therefore no jam. There’s always next year, though.
  • French Cornichons: I couldn’t find the tiny cucumbers at any markets so I grew my own. Doing the same thing again this year and it looks like a good crop. The brine is a pretty “hard-core” combination of basically straight vinegar and a mix of French herbs (like tarragon) and spices.
  • Cottage Garden Pickle: A rough adaptation, the idea here was to use up whatever was left in the garden at the end of the summer.

I’ll have more information for you as soon as I get my grubby paws on a copy of the book. For now here is a link to the Arsenal Pulp site from which the book can be ordered.

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