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Toronto Food Trucks Profiles

This page is my collection of content on Food With Legs profiling food trucks from Toronto and the surrounding area. Below all links you can find a guide to the profiles.

You can also track your favourite Ontario food trucks by following @OntFoodTrucks or on the Ontario Food Trucks Facebook page.

Fat Louie's BBQ trailer is parked in Rona lot at St. Clair and Keele.

In rural Texas and further south into Mexico it’s common for BBQ pit bosses to sell their food from stands at the sides of highways three levels down from the Interstate. In Toronto where even downtown parking lots are out-of-bounds for food trucks, operators need to be more creative. I’m surprised that more haven’t followed the lead set by Fat Louie’s BBQ and set up in big box store parking lots that are free from this ban because they’re not licensed to charge hourly or daily parking fees.

To find Fat Louie’s trailer, look in the northeast corner of the Rona parking lot at 110 West Toronto St. (near St. Clair and Keele) or follow the delicious aroma of the hardwood smoke that the on-board Backwoods-clone smoker belches out.

The Hogtown Smoke food truck is Toronto's first with an on-board smoker.

Every sort of business in New York City, from tourist-attracting towers to neighbourhood dog groomers carry Gotham in their name so we really shouldn’t be surprised that within the past year a pub, brewery, and now the Hogtown Smoke food truck have opened and borrowed Toronto’s nickname.

The El Gastronomo Vagabundo food truck is Ontario's oldest and maybe most gourmet food truck.

When Chef Adam Hynam-Smith and Tamara Jensen started the El Gastronomo Vagabundo truck they were the only food truck in Ontario. Now they have one of the most creative and diverse menus in a large and growing field of trucks.

Buster's Sea Cove is Toronto's first truck with an all-seafood menu.

The people behind the Buster’s Sea Cove booth at the St. Lawrence Market now have a truck that serves an all-seafood menu, including a delicious lobster roll.

Caplansky's deli food truck, nicknamed Thunderin' Thelma, was one of Toronto's first.

Zane Caplansky has added a mobile food truck, Thunderin’ Thelma, to his bricks-and-mortar deli operation.

The Toasted Tangerine food truck serves a menu of sandwiches and classic rock.

Mississauga’s Toasted Tangerine food truck was my first profile. They specialise in sandwiches, toasted ravioli, and classic rock.

La Carnita's collaboration with GTA food truck El Gastronomo Vagabundo

La Carnita was never really a food truck but they ran one of their early events in collaboration with El Gastronomo Vagabundo. They’ve come a long way since then, got the lineups under control, and apparently are close to opening a restaurant.

San Francisco Food Trucks: The Off the Grid Event at Fort Mason Center

From our trip to San Francisco, here’s my coverage of that city’s food trucks and other mobile eating options.

Here’s a guide to the profiles:

  •  Food Truck Name
  • Hometown: What part of the GTA they’re from.
  • Most-Talked About, Signature Dish: My (subjective) take on which menu item gets the most attention. These tend to be the ones that sell out first.
  • Try If You Get the Chance: Where I think there’s hidden gold on the menu.
  • Lunch Location: Where a particular food truck can be found in Toronto and (possibly outside Toronto). I’ll keep these updated periodically but it really is best to check a truck’s Twitter or Facebook feeds for up-to-the-minute information.
  • Time to Place Order: Time from when I showed up to when my order was taken.
  • Time to Get Food After Placing Order: Time from when I placed my order to when I had food in my hand. Both of the time categories are measured based on my experience during at least on lunch (not special #foodtruckeats events)  and either an additional lunch or a special lunch-time event.
  • Established: How long they’ve been around.
  • The Added Touches: What distinguishes a particular food truck from the competition.
  • Web site: and Social Media: These can be critical for tracking a truck’s location and finding menus.

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