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Burger’s Priest’s New Location

Burger's Priest's uptown location on Yonge north of Lawrence.

It isn’t easy to get to Queen and Coxwell unless you live nearby. The first time I tried visiting the Burger’s Priest it was (briefly) closed for renovations, but I’ve been back several times (rode my bike there once last summer) but am happy that I’ll no longer have to go to the middle of nowhere (apologies to friends who live in darkest Leslieville) for my next BP fix.

That’s because Shant Mardirosian has opened a second location of his popular cheeseburger joint on Yonge Street between Lawrence and York Mills. (more…)

Most Popular Posts of 2011

If 2010 was the year of Woodlot on Food With Legs, then 2011 was all about Burger’s Priest, their secret menu, and the competition that Holy Chuck now poses. Obviously, burgers still represent a giant chunk of my material but, surprisingly, this is the first year that a bacon post didn’t make the list. And before I was the source of secret menus we had that pesky group-buying coupon controversy with the midtown butcher shop.

Here they are, divided as usual between new and old posts, and with my comments. (more…)

Burger’s Priest Secret Menu

Update: After you’re done with the secret menu don’t forget to read about the blind taste test we did between Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck and the new BP location at Yonge and Lawrence.

This June The Burger’s Priest will celebrate its first anniversary of opening on Queen Street just east of Coxwell. For Shant Mandirosian and his team it has been a year of unexpected success. I’ve posted before about the place but the food is so good that just like the Stockyards it deserves another write-up.

Following in the footsteps of Now Magazine’s Steven Davey I’m going to risk a lifetime ban and list the Burger’s Priest secret menu. The blocks that build this menu are BP’s delicious house-ground, all-beef 4 oz. patties; the breaded and deep-fried portobello caps with cheese (i.e. the vegetarian alternative or “The Option” for short); and their pleasingly standard-issue compressible and absorbent bun. Here’s the standard menu as posted in the restaurant. (more…)