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Second Draught: Brasserie Dupont’s Biere de Miel

When I write tasting notes for my First Draught posts, I do my best to not let preconceived notions cloud my judgment. Sometimes, though a reference to how the beer differs from expectations is unavoidable. I can’t remember a honey beer experience (before this one) that wasn’t full of cloying sweetness. As I think about it more, that might be because the honey beers I’ve tried (usually dug out of the bottom of a cooler at a barbeque) really were designed to be that way – sweet, cheap, and cheerful. Anyway, the point is that this beer is anything but. It has all of the aromatic and lovely floral aromas and flavors of honey without any of the sugary sweetness.

The rest of the Dupont release also deserves some attention. The Monk’s Stout is all right, but as I posted on a homebrewing discussion forum, who needs another halfway decent stout in the middle of April? The bruine is good (and on the same forum some have speculated that it will get better with age), but the Cervezia is the other gem of the brewery feature. In some ways it’s an advanced version of Dupont’s famous saison. My tasting notes for it include “funky” “pastrami” and “wicked length”. That world-famous, mainstay saison is now a regular listing the LCBO and should still be on shelves after the brewery feature ends. (more…)

Second Draught: a saison from Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Oast House

A saison from NOTL's Oast House.

I’m into another series of catching up on the cross-posting for my beer stories from Post City. They’ll be a few more coming over the next week and also some back-to-the-usual recipes and other food stories for Food With Legs.

Bottle-conditioned, in a larger format, and a not-very-hoppy saison; I think this beer from Oast House represents three of the main directions we’ll see North American craft beer move in over the next couple years. I still love The only thing it’s not is barrel-aged. I still love a high-IBU pale ale for afternoon sipping, but saison and biere de garde (the other style in Oast’s Farmhouse Series) are becoming my favourite dinner beers. (more…)