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Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in Toronto

At long last, Anthony Bourdain has ignored the critics in Montreal and Vancouver and brought his Layover film crew to Toronto to tape an episode. It aired this week in the States and won’t be coming to Canada’s Travel channel until next year. (Update: DailyMotion has a video up that Canadian viewers can watch.)

He praised the comedy scene and slagged the CN Tower (fair enough, on both counts) but we all know that my expertise and the interest we share lies in food. So here, now, a quick summary of Tony’s itinerary: (more…)

The Golden Gluttons

We’re just back from five fantastic days in San Francisco. Obviously, we ate as many meals as we could stomach and here are some of the highlights. I’m going to spread this over two posts. Post one will be all the food we ate from establishments with walls and a roof and the rest (trucks, carts, and market vendors) will go into the second post.

San Francisco is one of the best food cities in North America and therefore one of the most visited and written about. Not much of what I have to say here is new ground, I know, and we’re very grateful for all the suggestions we got through Twitter friends Eric, Lauren, Renée, Natalie, and so many others. Thanks, guys. (more…)

Best Restaurants of 2009

Scene from the Capocaccia patio in April

From the beginning of this adventure in blogging I have had three areas of focus for my posts: restaurant eating, gardening, and cooking.  My culinary interests are pretty evenly balanced between the three–with the obvious seasonal variation–and I’d be hard-pressed to choose whether I am most at ease sitting at my favourite restaurant, mucking around on a cool September day in the garden, or cooking for friends and family.  To record the highlights of each I’m going to do three end-of-year posts.

Today I  have a rundown of my favourite restaurants as of the end of December 2009.  Not necessarily ones that opened in 2009–because I don’t really care when a restaurant opened–or ones that became my favourite in 2009 but just where my opinion stands as of today.  I would definitely take a subway to visit any of these, would recommend that others take a train or long-ish car ride for the food at a few others (like Starfish, Mistura, Hillebrand, and Buster Rhino’s) and would even go so far as to recommend one (I’m sure everyone can figure out which that is) as the one restaurant worth flying to Toronto for. (more…)