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Giveaway: Mott’s Clamato Cookbook

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My history with Mott’s Clamato goes back a while. Either because of some trend forces working their unseen magic or just from the luck of the draw, the Bloody Caesar was the most popular cocktail among my university friends. Everyone had preferred variations and personalised tweaks to the recipe.

More recently, I was happy to be asked to share my recipe for deep-fried, cheese-and-bacon-stuffed dill pickles on a holiday promotional campaign that Mott’s created for YouTube. (more…)

On Beer Cocktails

The skepticism attached to beer cocktails can be summarized with one question: Who has ever walked into a bar and in that moment when he can choose anything said, “barkeep, what beer cocktails can you make me?” Sure, okay. If that’s the situation you want to envision the outcome will almost always be a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, a two-ingredient mixed drink, or maybe a selection from the menu of classic cocktails. Personally, I like beer cocktails – my cookbook has a chapter of recipes to make them – and I would like to see them made more often, but I will admit that I don’t know how popular they actually are. (more…)

Six back covers from Cooks Illustrated in Ikea frames on our kitchen wall

Six back covers from Cook's Illustrated in Ikea frames on our kitchen wall

Cook’s Illustrated has played a large role in my search for great recipes over the past five years.  I have subscribed to the magazine for a long time; I have serveral of their cookbooks; and I have watched the PBS show a few times but I have to say that the best resource produced by the people behind Cook’s Illustrated is their online site. They have loaded the site with all of their magazine recipes; many of their cookbook recipes (possibly all); as well as the excellent equipment reviews.  I’d now rather search here for a recipe than wade through the glut that google spits out.

The magazine still has some uses, though.  For instance, I have turned six of the best back cover illustrations into kitchen wall decoration.