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Murkey Recipe for Christmas

Adapted from Ruth Goodman's recipe on Wartime Farm my recipe for Murkey.

Alton Brown taught us that stuffing is evil. He awkwardly and half-heartedly rescinded the blanket prohibition against putting bread inside your bird with a well-if-you-really-must episode that involved a pre-roasting turn in the microwave and then a cloth bag and then in to the cavity. That doesn’t sound fun to me, does it sound fun to you? (more…)

Strawberry Rhubarb Banana Shortcakes

Frozen banana slices add sweetness and cool-temperature contrast to this classic dessert.

Is there anything new to be written about strawberry shortcake? It’s where the simple flavour of the tastiest fruit with its seeds1 on the outside meets a composed preparation. Eating just the tips (those are the sweetest part) and throwing the rest over your shoulder works in your garden but not for a dinner party. Strawberry cakes, tarts, and ice cream involve a lot of work but very little flavour reward. (more…)

Bacon Garlic Fingers with Donair Sauce

Three-Cheese Bacon Garlic Fingers served with Donair Sauce.

These garlic fingers are ridiculously easy to make and the results are absolutely delicious. We upped the ante with three types of melted cheese, minced fresh garlic, and top-notch bacon but this is the sort of recipe that could be brought together from on-hand ingredients.

As well as convenient it’s also easy. As in the type of project that three guys in their twenties who are well into their fourth or fifth beer could tackle around midnight. Also, more delicious, marginally healthier, and much cheaper than delivery pizza as part of a weeknight family meal. (more…)