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Queen East

Burger’s Priest Secret Menu

Update: After you’re done with the secret menu don’t forget to read about the blind taste test we did between Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck and the new BP location at Yonge and Lawrence.

This June The Burger’s Priest will celebrate its first anniversary of opening on Queen Street just east of Coxwell. For Shant Mandirosian and his team it has been a year of unexpected success. I’ve posted before about the place but the food is so good that just like the Stockyards it deserves another write-up.

Following in the footsteps of Now Magazine’s Steven Davey I’m going to risk a lifetime ban and list the Burger’s Priest secret menu. The blocks that build this menu are BP’s delicious house-ground, all-beef 4 oz. patties; the breaded and deep-fried portobello caps with cheese (i.e. the vegetarian alternative or “The Option” for short); and their pleasingly standard-issue compressible and absorbent bun. Here’s the standard menu as posted in the restaurant. (more…)

Points of Comparison

It’s pretty easy to identify the top and bottom restaurant in a particular group of ten but how do we distinguish between the rest?  What are the controls and the markers?  An easy, though not very accurate measure, is to only consider one dish that they all have in common.  In my younger, innocent days that was my dedicated modus operandi.

At first it was Caesar salad.  I ate every combination of romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, and dressing I could get my hands on.  It being the late nineties –also therein lies my defense, I was seventeen or so–that was an easy task to accomplish.  Also in my defense there are few salads as savoury as Caesar’s combination of  parmesan cheese, bacon, and worcestershire sauce and let’s not forget that when properly prepared this salad has the stones to include raw egg.  I was also really into the adult control that could be had in directing exactly how much black pepper I wanted dispensed from those giant grinders. (more…)

Queen Margherita’s Pizza

Readers will know that this is the summer we build an oven at  my family’s cottage that is designed to cook, among other things, pizza.  Hopefully, this is enough to solidly establish my credibility as someone who takes pizza seriously.  Either way, I like eating pizza and was pleased to hear of a new authentic pizza joint, Queen Margherita’s Pizza (or just QMP)  that has opened in the East end.

On a recent visit with two friends we kept to the heart of the menu and each ordered a pizza.  The other option is the twenty-five dollar prix fixe menu which created a shit-storm of controversy on Chowhound (what else is Chowhound good for?) when QMP opened and some diners were informed that the prix fixe was mandatory.  Not so anymore but as far as I could tell pizzas are the only a la carte option.  I didn’t see any of the desserts but judging by the frisee salad that arrived at our neighbours’ table (and the disappointed look on their face) sticking with pizza is probably the right choice. (more…)