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pulled pork

Bacon Everything at The Ex 2012

There is a distinctly porky slant to the food items that will grab the most attention at this year’s CNE. Last year was the year of doughnut burgers and deep-fried Cok…er cola and in 2010 Twitter was filled with pictures of deep-fried butter. The three early candidates to take the crown this year are the Bacon Explosion from Bacon Nation, pulled pork on red velvet pancakes from Pull’d, and the bacon fudge from Northwest Fudge. (more…)

Buster Rhino’s Tasting

The no-nonsense menu

The no-nonsense menu, click the image for a bigger view on flickr

This weekend I attended a southern barbecue sample tasting at Buster Rhino’s in Whitby (7-2001 Thickson Rd.).  This was a special tasting event that I found about over Twitter from @foodie411 where seven of us were given the opportunity to sit down with the proprietor, Darryl Koster and Buster Rhino’s chef and sample a large selection of his menu.

Appetisers were moink balls (an Italian meatball wrapped in bacon), candied bacon, and cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.  Stuffed jalapenos exhibit that beguilingly variable level of heat of this particular pepper.  One can be hot enough to have you reaching for water while the next barely registers on the Scoville scale.