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#LegsAndTie with Yorkshire Valley Farms and Edulis

“You had me at Edulis” – or at least that’s how I remember responding when Marian from Branding and Buzzing asked me to participate in Yorkshire Valley Farms #LegsAndTie programme.

To build exposure for their brand and product the organic chicken producer hired B & B to recruit four bloggers who would each be matched with one of four different restaurants to create a dish with their chicken. After going in for a day at the restaurant’s kitchen each of us then had the opportunity to invite nine friends for a dinner built around the main-event chicken dish. Twitter activity and a sponsored post would result, but more importantly folks would get the opportunity to taste some really delicious food while in the enjoyable company of like-minded foodsters. (more…)

Organic Meadow Farm Visit

There is a feeling of ease that comes from knowing that the other humans involved in producing what we eat are happy about that participation.

My visit this September, organised by Organic Meadow and their communications firm, to the Birchwind Holstein Farm made it obvious that the Vices are happy to be organic dairy farmers. They were friendly, generous hosts that freely shared with us all facets of their operation.

This ice cream is really quite delicious.

This ice cream is really quite delicious.

Organic Meadow started in 1989 in the organic grain marketing business, added eggs in 1993, and organic milk–now their retail mainstay–in 1996. They are a co-operative of dairy farms spread across the province and are gradually adding their own processing and packaging facilities. (more…)