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Second Draught: a saison from Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Oast House

A saison from NOTL's Oast House.

I’m into another series of catching up on the cross-posting for my beer stories from Post City. They’ll be a few more coming over the next week and also some back-to-the-usual recipes and other food stories for Food With Legs.

Bottle-conditioned, in a larger format, and a not-very-hoppy saison; I think this beer from Oast House represents three of the main directions we’ll see North American craft beer move in over the next couple years. I still love The only thing it’s not is barrel-aged. I still love a high-IBU pale ale for afternoon sipping, but saison and biere de garde (the other style in Oast’s Farmhouse Series) are becoming my favourite dinner beers. (more…)

Stone Road Grille $100 Giveaway for Wine Country Ontario’s #12daysWCO

December in food blog land — “flavour country” to you and me — is the magical time for giveaway contests. The PR companies that represent various brands approach writers and say: “we have this really great doodad that we’d like you to give your readers a chance of winning.” Often the doodad isn’t so great or it just doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation I try to have on Food With Legs. That’s my fairly obvious way of introducing an exception, a really great prize that I think you’ll want to win, to give to a loved one or keep for yourself.

The Wine Council of Ontario runs a programme they call Wine Country Ontario that promotes the idea that our province’s wine regions are more than just a great place to get sloshed surrounded by rows of grape vines, disappearing over the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, they like wine, but also want to help you find a place to stay in the County, plan your route while on Pelee Island and a great restaurant to eat at while in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (more…)

Second Draught: Black Lager from Silversmith

I’ve said before that when I write about beer–how it tastes, smells, and pairs with food–I make a conscious effort not to refer to wine more than necessary. That rule definitely comes off when a new brewery like Silversmith launches in Niagara-on-the-Lake within an easy bike ride of maybe thirty different wineries. (more…)