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Massimo Capra

Italpasta High Fibre Total Pasta

Fortifying white-flour pasta with fibre is the big new thing in pasta and Toronto’s Italpasta is joining the market. Fibre-fortified pasta appeals to those who want the health benefits of whole wheat without the grainy taste and rougher texture of whole wheat pasta. Their Total Pasta line is made from Canadian-grown durum wheat and fortified with inulin from chicory root. (more…)

Samsung Induction Range

Samsungs induction cooktop, photo provided by Samsung

Samsung's induction cooktop, photo provided by Samsung

Samsung has released a free-standing oven and stove combination that uses induction technology to operate the cooktop.  I have had some (mixed) experiences with a glass-ceramic radiant stove at the cottage so I was excited to attend a demonstration of this improved technology.  I was also attracted by the fact that the demonstration was being led by Chef Massimo Capra, the owner-chef of, in my opinion, Toronto’s best Italian restaurant, Mistura.

The technology is pretty remarkable.  Each unit on the stove generates a magnetic field that reacts with iron in a pan to produce heat.  The beauty is that the stovetop doesn’t get nearly as hot as other stoves because heat is only being created in the pan and only a small amount of it leaks onto the cooktop.  This means that spills can be wiped up immediately and there is a greatly reduced chance of burning yourself by accidentally touching a hot unit.