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Kenji Alt

Food Bloggers of Canada Featured Blogger


It’s my pleasure to share the news that I am the Food Bloggers of Canada featured blogger this week. I’ve been an FBC member since the early days of the organization, so it’s good to see their activities expanding and I’m honored to be in their spotlight.

FBC has been kind enough to run a giveaway with my book as the prize, but the main perk from this accolade is that they have posted a profile of me on their website. The blog post focuses on a questionnaire I filled out for them last month. There are some good questions on there that made me think and had me digging through the Food With Legs archives for inspiration.

I thought I would come up with a few extra questions and pose them to myself here as a┬ásort of director’s cut, bonus content. (more…)

Ultimayo 500: The Ultimate Homemade Mayo

I’m a regular reader of Kenji Alt’s Food Lab column on Serious Eats. With this great recipe for homemade mayonnaise from a post in early October Kenji continues to deliver the goods.

None of the usual bs of slow drips of oil while balancing a giant metal bowl on your lap and whisking with the other hand or trying to manage the barest, steady stream through the feed tube of a food processor. All the ingredients go into a container at once, they settle for a few moments and then an immersion blender is put to work magically turning them into mayo. Every time.

Anyone who publishes or posts a recipe for homemade mayo that uses the food processor (or even worse the bowl-and-whisk) method deserves a stiff dose of public shame and a life of sandwiches made with the foul-tasting Miracle Whip. (more…)