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Jack Daniels charcoal

Smoked Bread

My posts about cooking with my Cobb cooker seem to have struck a chord with Google searchers.  I’ve used it to grill burgers, smoke ham and two types of bacon.  Next up for the miniature barbeque was an application I have read about (in the instruction manual and on the internet) for cooking bread on the Cobb BBQ.

Proofed dough just on the Cobb

I had used up the match-light charcoal from last summer, so I grabbed a bag of Jack Daniels Barrel charcoal on a recent visit to Bass Pro Shops.  The bag and my less-than-intensive reading thereof made this product seem like lump charcoal made from used bourbon whiskey barrels.  Too good to be true.  It’s actually just briquette charcoal mixed in with about a quarter as many pieces of said barrels only lightly blackened, possibly just from being mixed around in a bag full of briquettes.

It looks from this post like some people are big fans of this product and that it may have been discontinued.  Well, the Bass Pro Shops north of Toronto had a lot of the stuff a couple weeks ago when I was there. (more…)