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Murkey Recipe for Christmas

Adapted from Ruth Goodman's recipe on Wartime Farm my recipe for Murkey.

Alton Brown taught us that stuffing is evil. He awkwardly and half-heartedly rescinded the blanket prohibition against putting bread inside your bird with a well-if-you-really-must episode that involved a pre-roasting turn in the microwave and then a cloth bag and then in to the cavity. That doesn’t sound fun to me, does it sound fun to you? (more…)

Buffalo Wings Super Bowl Dip

Buffalo Wings Super Bowl Dip, the finished product

The idea behind this dip is a good one, I think.  Chicken wings are messy to prepare and the demand for them has gotten to the point where only boneless, skinless chicken breasts are more expensive on a per pound basis so they no longer fit into the “finest cheapest” category.  If we can avoid the mess and expense and create a dish that can be easily carried to the ubiquitous Super Bowl party without sacrificing any of the delicious attributes of chicken wings all the better.  But I can’t take total claim for the idea.  My friend, Ian, adapted a version from a recipe he found on Chowhound and I’ve tasted his version but don’t have his actual recipe so today I’m piecing together my own version.

Chicken leg quarters

But what are these “delicious attributes” of which I speak?  Well, wings have a relatively intense chicken flavour because they are active, high-twitch muscles so we’ll have to use dark meat.  Some recipes actually call for canned chicken.  Yes, I too, vomited a little in my mouth when I read that there are people who eat canned chicken.  Instead, I’ve opted for chicken leg quarters.  Other recipes like ones mentioned in this Chowhound thread use whole chickens. (more…)