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Weekly Roundup II

IMG_7769I managed to get a bunch of writing done this week — much of it here on Food with Legs in fact — so I’m happy to say that this, the second weekly collation of my web writing, is longer than round number one. (Feel free to keep your comments to yourself about how it’s been more than a week since the last roundup.) (more…)

Ambassador of Cheese


Last August an email arrived in my inbox that invited me to participate in a programme that the Dairy Farmers of Canada are running. Over a year-long stretch that started in September 2013 they are going to send cheese to bloggers who will then post “action shots” of Canadian cheese on Instagram and other social media channels.

For participating I get a selection of cheese each month this winter and have agreed to post an Instagram photo once a week during that period.

You’ll be able to find my photos under the hashtags #CDNCheese and #simplepleasures. This is all part of the Simple Pleasures campaign that also includes this short YouTube video. DFC posted a profile of the three bloggers and are collecting our photos on this page. (more…)

My Work with Qualifirst Foods

Qualifirst Roka Cheese Puffs

The waters where day job meets personal blog are often swimming with sharks. Problems arise when the two parties – employer and blogging employee – have different ideas about who’s the appropriate audience for what information and how time should be spent. I’m lucky to have found a way to make the blog work and regular work connected and supportive of each other and I’d like to share great news today about a new project I’m starting. Over the last week I’ve joined the social media team at Qualifirst Foods and will be helping them with their community building efforts on Twitter and elsewhere. (more…)

First Fire

After a lot of hard work we finally reached that milestone of lighting the first fire in our wood-fired oven last Saturday, July 24.  Early May when we broke ground and were digging in very cold rain seems like such time ago now.  I’ll be writing about more about what it took to get us this far in the project but now here are some more pictures.

Chimney is 2/3 finished


Olive Cheese Balls

Bruschetta is great when tomatoes are in season, delicious things can be done with smoked salmon and blue cheese (separately), but for my mother’s side of the family the king of hors d’oevres is the Olive Cheese Ball.  I know there are some of you out there who don’t like olives and I guess this post doesn’t have much more to offer you than a dose of pity and a wondering head shake. For the enlightened majority: Imagine a larger than usual olive baked–so that all of its delicious, briny attributes are heightened by–in a crisp, cheesy crust.  My idea of pre-dinner heaven.

The original recipe typed by my grandmother

Above is the recipe I was working from simple and concise but my goal for this experiment (and this post) was to tweak it a bit to make it my own.  I’ll deal with the ingredients first and the technique second.  Four easily obtainable ingredients but the volume measuring are a bit of a problem. (more…)