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Belgian ale

Second Draught: Terrible, a dark Belgian ale that is definitely not terrible

La Terrible is the subject for the second of three First Draught posts that I’m catching up on re-posting this week. This ale, brewed in Quebec, in the Belgian style is another to add to the list of beers worth sipping in contemplation. That we’re now well into the fourth month for these “winter warmers” has me contemplating the arrival of Spring.

I’ll offer a note on serving this beer that I didn’t get to in my original post on Post City. Like with sparkling wine the two goals to consider when opening a cork-and-cage bottle are: that as many of the bubbles as possible stay in the liquid; and that no one takes a cork to the eye. The in-bottle fermentation has created gas that wants to expand and push the cork out (though not as much pressure as you would find in a typical bottle of champagne.) While opening the bottle keeping it pointed towards the ceiling and away from other people. After the cage is removed, grip the cork tightly in one hand and turn the bottle with the other—not the other way around. The beer should be served in a chalice (a large wine glass can stand in nicely) and will be best at a relatively warm 10 – 12°C. (more…)