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Summer of Beer

Those who follow my updates on Twitter or Facebook will have noticed that many of my posts this summer–across a few online publications–have been about beer. I want to take the opportunity today to round up some of the highlights.

Way back in June a few of us at Spotlight Toronto set out for our second annual 30 Days of Ontario Beer. As part of that month-long feature I got to write about the summer’s beer-heavy events like Brewer’s Backyard and TUM and, maybe best of all, sat down with a bunch of the province’s new brewers. Mike Di Caro’s stories on all-grain home brewing and the barrel programme at Amsterdam were just two of the gems, written by other team members, that I enjoyed reading.

On my First Draught beer column went weekly in August. As well as more writing (and drinking) that means the opportunity to cover a diverse range of beers from the standard-setting IPA from Southern Tier, to Great Lakes’s limited-release Belgian Saison, to Wellington’s easy-drinking Arkell Best Bitter.

When the weather (eventually) cools in September there’s a natural inclination to declare beer season over. In many ways the opposite is true with events like Cask Days and Toronto Beer Week in the next month and a half. During TBW I’m particularly looking forward to covering the Brewer’s Plate Master Class at La Palette on the 19th. Even with all the attention craft beer is getting I still think food-and-beer pairings are an under-examined topic.

As summer saisons turn to porters and stouts I’m going to be writing more about beer on Spotlight, Post City, and here. I hope you’ll read along and join in the conversation by letting me in the comments for this post what you’d like to see more of.

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