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Royal Wedding Dinner

Last week was a simpler time. Instead of worrying about assassinated terrorist kingpins or federal elections we used to wake up at ungodly hours to watch two people–who probably would have much preferred a quiet ceremony in a country church–get married. For the second big meal at the cottage this year my cousin and I cooked a feast drawn from the current Commonwealth and former Empire to mark the occasion.

Lamb vinadaloo with rice for the subcontinent.

The spice-and-heat of Alex’s vindaloo matched surprisingly well with the sweet-and-heat of the jerk potatoes from the West Indies.

Naturally, I found a way to work a pig into the maple leaf portion of the parade: The very subtly-smoked tamworth pork chops from Perth Pork Products.

The British are a people that even the French concede are obsessed with dessert so I’m counting the cake I made in that category. The full recipe that I called Champagne Kate can be found here on Spotlight Toronto. I guess the sparkling rosé from Konzelmann makes this a second check mark for Canada as well. The power to the island had been knocked out by last week’s bad weather so I found out what it feels like to whip egg whites with a whisk (not as difficult as expected) and bake a cake in the wood oven (my technique needs a bit of work).

Despite the strong support for “beer” as the national vegetable dish of Australia, the Commonwealth’s first commonwealth was represented by a delicious rocket salad (a.k.a. arugula) with cashews and shards of parmesan.

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