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Preserved Citrus

Today’s post is a very short one but I think it is interesting enough to make the cut.

This is not one of those recipes where I read four recipes (after checking with Waverly Root for general and historical context), searched out the ingredients, and made a few test batches. I had some Seville oranges left over from marmalade making that had been kicking around for months and inspired by a Mark Bittman Minimalist podcast (his recipe is for lemons) decided to preserve them very simply.

Seville oranges and lemons

Seville oranges and lemons

The recipe is really so simple that I’d feel silly listing ingredients and numbered steps. For every two oranges use roughly one lemon, one tablespoon granulated sugar, and a half tablespoon of kosher salt. After washing them well and cutting off any bruises, dice the citrus finely, stir in the salt and sugar and transfer to a non-reactive (glass preferred) container.

The real interest to this recipe lies in how to use the product, I guess. Bittman demonstrates with sauteed peppers and eggplants but I’m thinking kabobs, leg of lamb, or even salad dressings. Any other ideas, gentle reader? Leave them in the comment section.

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  1. vanessa says:

    Is this similar to the pickled lemon slices you were telling me about?

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