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New Craft Beer Tumblr

IMG_9754FWLSometime last month marked two years since Mr. Jon Sufrin suggested to me that Post City Magazines, where he was an editor, might like to publish my thoughts about beer. Steadily my interest in beer has broadened; sometimes I’m sent beer, often I travel great distances to get to it, and occasionally friends share theirs with me.

That’s fair enough, but for the First Draught column on Post City I usually stick to beers that readers can easily find at the LCBO. Sometimes I try brews that have a more limited release and want to share my thoughts with the world. I’d also like an incentive to be more displined about always taking tasting notes. Finally, I’m pushing myself to get better at the beer photography part of the job and would like an outlet for some the product of that practice.

Taken together, all of these are the explanations for why I have started a Tumblr called Craft Beer Shorts. Each review will have a photo and a short tasting note. I’ll post each entry to Instagram and from there it will populate to the Tumblr page.

I guess I think these short and sweet reviews will be read by those who have the BJCP style guide under control and can handle finding availability information. Though, just like this blog the Tumblr is starting out as a public site with private goals: I want a notebook and think you might like to peer over my shoulder.

In related news, as they say, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been asked by Food Bloggers of Canada to cover all things beer, emanating from all points east of Kenora for them. Every month I’ll have two beers for you to pick up and add to your weekend’s cooler.

As usual, I’d love it if you’d follow along and share your thoughts on my thoughts, as it were.


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