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If 2010 was the year of Woodlot on Food With Legs, then 2011 was all about Burger’s Priest, their secret menu, and the competition that Holy Chuck now poses. Obviously, burgers still represent a giant chunk of my material but, surprisingly, this is the first year that a bacon post didn’t make the list. And before I was the source of secret menus we had that pesky group-buying coupon controversy with the midtown butcher shop.

Here they are, divided as usual between new and old posts, and with my comments.

Posted in 2011

1. Burger’s Priest Secret Menu: This is, by far, my most popular story of all time. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t been shown the iPhone photo evidence but apparently some readers are printing this post and taking it with them to Burger’s Priest.

2. Burger’s Priest vs. Holy Chuck: I’m quite proud of this one. I think we conducted an interesting and fair test that produced an unexpected result. So long as I can keep the design this tight, look for more of these head-to-heads next year.

3. The Butchers Visit: For fairness sake I wanted to investigate the meat that was being offered at such a remarkable discount. The business seems to have hit low-point after low-point and I still hear from friends and readers who are unsatisfied with the deal but there was nothing wrong (that I could find) with the meat.

4. Holy Chuck Opens: There are some strong similarities with Burger’s Priest but Holy Chuck Burgers is set apart by their location much closer to a subway station (St. Clair), menu innovations (like the recent special that featured braised veal cheeks), and milkshakes.

5. More Woodlot: We went back to Woodlot for my dad’s birtday, took over the communal table and had a great time.

Posted before January 1, 2011

1.¬†Woodlot Restaurant: Howl all you want about restaurants that have uninformative websites but so long as Woodlot keeps to the barest of bones, thousands of Google searches every year will direct readers to my site. Websites aside this continues to be a very good restaurant that I frequently find myself recommending–especially for parties split between omnivores and vegetarians.

2. Fermented Hot Sauce: This recipe is back on the list again this year. A cool technique inspired by Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz, my principal inspiration for fermented pickle recipes.

3. Roast Bone Marrow: I guess it’s place in this half of the list is sort of cheating because I updated the roasted bone marrow and bone marrow butter recipes¬† this year and a traffic bump came from that. Still a great recipe that I’ll keep referring to it.

4. Bone Marrow Butter: Also updated in 2011 but I think the bone marrow recipes continue to be popular because there are few good options compared to the amount of demand that flows through Google.

5. Fried Whole Chickens: A sizeable traffic bump from American Thanksgiving secured the final spot for this smaller version of deep-fried turkey. I’m probably going to do an update for it this summer. Any ideas for a sauce to go with it?

(And here are the lists from 2010 and 2009.)

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