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Most Popular Posts of 2010

I try to stay away from the self-indulgent posts and too many year-end round-ups but like last year I’ve created a list of the most popular Food With Legs posts from the past year.  I found it interesting and I hope you do too.  Oh and despite captivating photos like the one above none of the wood oven posts made the list.

Going in I had it in my mind that I would divide the list between those posts which went up in 2009 and those that were new in 2010.  On one hand the older ones have the advantage of a whole year’s worth of Google searches, on the other the new post’s got the initial promotion I give stuff that has just gone up.  Conveniently and to my slight surprise, the list of the ten most popular posts in 2010 divides evenly between the two categories.

Here they are with my comments.

Posted in 2010

1. Great popcorn experiment: I compared two methods for making popcorn on the stove top.  This post’s popularity was driven by a tweet from Michael Ruhlman and a link from the great site for thinking cooks called Ideas in Food.

2. Woodlot Restaurant: This was a quick non-review of my meal at the new restaurant Woodlot and the high traffic brought home why bloggers and traditional reviewers are pushing the envelope in terms of reviewing restaurants quickly after they open.  Because my post went up before ones on the review aggregators like yelp and the major newspapers it was apparently the third Google hit for a while.

3. Roast Bone Marrow: Happy to see this make it the list because it’s an under-appreciated pseudo-offal.

4. Buffalo Wings Super Bowl Dip: I actually got this recipe from a friend who writes a particularly entertaining daddy blog.  Go figure.

5. Homemade Pancetta:  Everyone seems to love making bacon at home (or at least reading blog posts from others who have).  Unlike some posts on this list there is really nothing seasonal about its popularity.  Bacon all year, all the time.

Posted before January 1, 2010

1. Samsung Induction Range: Really my only major consumer product post and it makes sense people do some Internet research before buying a new type of stove so I’m not surprised that this one was near the top of the list.

2. Fermented Hot Sauce: I’m happy to see this post make the list again this year because I think it’s a really cool introduction to lacto-fermentation and produces a delicious sauce.  It got a moderate seasonal bump through September and October.

3. Joey Don Mills Launch: This post got a bump from an article on TasteTO about restaurant previews for bloggers and also attracts the oddest but still on-topic Google searches I get.

4. Home Cured Bacon: As mentioned regarding pancetta everyone loves bacon.

5. Green Tomato Pickles: Another naturally-fermented pickle and by far the biggest seasonal popularity (not surprisingly) during August and September when gardeners have piles of the things on their hands.

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