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I set out in yesterday’s article the idea that I was going to wrap-up 2009 with three posts.  The cooking and gardening recaps have turned into larger endeavours than I expected so in the brief interim while we wait for them to be ready I’m going to borrow an idea from another Toronto food blog, Sift, Dust & Toss and reveal the five most popular posts on Food With Legs in 2009.

These are determined using Google Analytics and the time-frame for traffic runs from the mid-April transfer from to my own domain to December 31, 2009.  Eligible content is all 116 posts since the beginning of Food With Legs.  Posts seem to become popular in a combination of three ways:  I do a good job (with the appreciated help of friends and fellow bloggers) of promoting posts when they first come out; my experiences build organically on each other and links back to previous posts drive traffic; and through some mysterious equilibrium of their esoteric demands and the web’s variable supply searchers (92% via Google) find their way to my site.

  • No. 5: Fermented hot sauce.  I quite like this post.  The product is great and I’ll have to make some more as soon as I can find some good hot peppers.  It’s popularity is definitely from search engine visitors.
  • No. 4: Capocaccia review.  A great meal and rereading the post reminds me how much easier it is to take restaurant photographs in summer on a patio.  Though everything is better on a warm restaurant patio.
  • No. 3: Home-cured bacon was one of my favourite experiments and I think it will probably make my list of favourite cooking posts.  It was suprisingly unpopular back in July when I wrote it but I have linked to it a lot since then and it is a perennial favourite with the search engines so unlike every other post on this list there have been several days since it was published when it received more visitors than its debut.
  • No. 2: My first Cobb BBQ post has the advantage of being written way back in June.  It also benefits from a number of follow-up experiments where I have used the Cobb and from the community of Cobb users.
  • No. 1: My review of the Joey Don Mills opening.  It was a great event and the photos were better than usual because my guest for the night brought his DSLR and worked his less-amateur-than-me magic.  Of note a large percentage of the Google searches that land on my post include some variation of the word “waitress”.  Ahem.

Others that probably would have made the list if they went up earlier in year include: Stop, Burger Police, First Taste: The Burger Bar, Cuts Like a Knife, and of course Bacon Blondies.

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