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LCBO goLOCAL Niagara Tour

I really like trains. That our early-September tour of Niagara’s lovely wine country–organised by Suresh Doss and the LCBO’s Trina Hendry–started in a dedicated Via 1 train to Saint Catherines predisposed me to enjoy the day.

What with the third annual Spotlight Toronto 30 days of local wine and the LCBO’s goLOCAL: Find Your Favourite promotion I’ve had a lot of wine on the brain this month. For the seventh day Jen Bylok, Mike Di Caro, and I live blogged the highlights of the tour.

Obviously, I’ve also entered the LCBO’s blog challenge that is part of the goLOCAL promotion and you can read my post here and vote for it here.

I wanted to post today to share some photos from the tour, general impressions, and draw your attention to some of the highlights (in my view) from our first foray into live blogging. Specifically, take a look at Mike’s comments around 11:50 about Jamie Evans comments on lees and the solera system he uses to spread them across multiple vintages. Two really interesting topics in one.

Also, at 2:08 Jen has a great summary of our lunch at Creekside. It was my first time eating there and other than the La Carnita event was my first time trying the delicious food from El Gastro.

Angels Gate Winery

Angels Gate Winery

Our afternoon spent at Angel’s Gate was a good reminder that as well as great wines Niagara has some spectacular views to offer. From up on the bench so much of the vine-covered countryside unfolds that it’s difficult to imagine how anyone can avoid two-hour, outdoor lunches and afternoon naps in the shade.

The afternoon's wines.

The afternoon's wines.

As Jen mentioned the gift bags included delicious snacks from the Pie Plate and duly sated by these and the afternoon’s wines it’s no wonder that some of us couldn’t help dozing off on the way back to Toronto.

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