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FoodieMeet Bakeoff

Top Secret Ingredient #1

Top Secret Ingredient #1

FoodieMeet, I gather, is a series of events for those in Toronto who tend to think with their stomachs.  Events so far have included a wine tour of Prince Edward County and a tasting of the so-called miracle fruit.  This Sunday, the 13th at 6:30 they will be holding their holiday party and charity bake off and I have joined the baking fray.  There are going to be something like twenty-nine bakers, three celebrity and two great dj’s.  But the really important thing to note is that proceeds from tickets–$25 to get in plus four tasting tickets, additional tasting tickets are $2 each–go to benefit The Stop Community Food Centre.  The Stop is ably described on the FoodieMeet website thusly:

The Stop started off as one of Canada’s first food banks but has since grown to offer an fantastic lineup of programs: drop-in meals, community gardens, pre and post-natal nutrition support, farmers markets, sustainable food education, civic engagement and many other valuable initiatives.

At first I was a bit thrown by the theme: Escape from Toronto.  I have never had the odious pleasure of viewing either Escape from New York or the even more horrible (I hear) Escape from L.A.  The de facto suggested take on the theme was that bakers should embrace Toronto’s multi-ethnic patchwork of global cuisine.  I love many of the ethnic flavours that make Toronto culinarily unique but baking with them isn’t really my style.  Thankfully, I believe I have developed a recipe that fits the theme, suits my cooking, and hopefully will wow the judges.

Top Secret Ingredient #2

Top Secret Ingredient #2

Some Twitter users–@food411 in particular–have been offering delicous sneak peeks of their creations for weeks.  Others, like @alexaclark (of Cheap Eats TO) and @SarahBHood, while critics of the seriousness, trash talking, and test kitchening have gotten in on the action.

I am going to stick with what seems to be the trend and keep the identity of my entry a surprise.  Both photos in this post are visual clues of key ingredients in my recipe–one obvious, the other not so.  I tested a couple options for the recipe at a Grey Cup party two weekends ago and received some much-appreciated feedback.

This will definitely be  a great party with amazing baked goods and is in support of a deserving charity (that will also be collecting food donations) so get to the guestlist website ASAP and buy your tickets.

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  1. alexaclark says:

    Love the tease post. Can’t wait to taste what you bake up.

  2. mochapj says:

    Based on your pictures I would guess that you’re making something with pork belly and baker’s chocolate.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. foodwithlegs says:

    Thanks, Alexa, and sorry about my misspelling of your last name. It’s been corrected.

    Porsha, perhaps my photos weren’t as cryptic as I thought…

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