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Firkin Pubs Revamped: $100 gift card contest

I have a long, if not always glorious, history with the Firkin chain of pubs. More than a decade-and-a-half ago the Frog and Firkin at Yonge and Sheppard was the bar my high school friends (all legal drinking age, I’m sure) chose to hang out at. Then there was that memorable but fairly annoying campaign of radio ads. But, this month 25-year chain has received a bunch of attention because they’ve redesigned four of their locations to be more authentically British, at least in a campy sort of way.

The food and drinks menus have also been shifted to augment the standard, North American sports bar choices. They still offer burgers, caesar salad, wings and calamari but have also added a Pot Roast Sandwich, Butter Chicken Pie and in the category that approximates British poutine and is called “Spuds ‘n’ Sauce” there are options like: Curried Chicken and Braised Beef. 

Modernised signs outside, and tube station signs behind the bar, plus comfortable complete with couches–sorry, chesterfields–upholstered in Union Jack fabric complete the overhaul.

The PR team at rock-it has generously offered me the opportunity to give all of you a chance to see what’s changed at revamped Firkin locations so we’re giving away one $100 gift certificate.

This contest is going to run a bit differently than past ones that were based on commenting here on Food With Legs. Instead, we’re going to use Twitter and if you want to be entered I need you do two things. First, follow me on Twitter, and then Tweet the following:

Hi @ortdavid enter me in the draw to win a $100 gift card for @FirkinPubs and their #FirkinRevolution.

Just that and nothing else. Go ahead and Tweet it out as many times as you want but there is only one entry per person so only the first one counts. This Friday, November 30 at 12:01 PM, I’ll compile the list of valid entries, use to pick a winner and get in touch to figure out how to get the prize to you.

The $100 gift card can be used for food and drinks (alcohol included) but is only valid at the following locations:

  • The Bull 1835 Yonge Street
  • The Goose 1875 Leslie Street
  • The Owl 7181 Woodbine Avenue
  • The Quail 1055 Yonge Street

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  1. Colleen C says:

    I have to find an excuse to duck in and check out one of the redesigns – if only for the chance to sit on that Union Jack chesterfield!

  2. Sadie says:

    I went to the Quail on Saturday night to check out the new digs, and I thought it looked great! There are tons of Olde English-style pubs around the city; so to vamp up these well-visited spots is a great idea. It’s much more open in there, and seems to be a little more upscale as well.

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