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Fat Louie’s Food Truck Profile

The side of the Fat Louie's trailer that parks in the Rona parking lot near St. Clair and Keele.

In rural Texas and further south into Mexico it’s common for BBQ pit bosses to sell their food from stands at the sides of highways three levels down from the Interstate. In Toronto where even downtown parking lots are out-of-bounds for food trucks, operators need to be more creative.  I’m surprised that more haven’t followed the lead set by Fat Louie’s BBQ and set up in big box store parking lots that are free from this ban because they’re not licensed to charge hourly or daily parking fees.

To find Fat Louie’s trailer, look in the northeast corner of the Rona parking lot at 110 West Toronto St. (near St. Clair and Keele) or follow the delicious aroma of the hardwood smoke that the on-board Backwoods-clone smoker belches out.

  • Fat Louie’s
  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • Fat Louie's Menu.

    Fat Louie's Menu.

    Most-Talked-About, Signature Dish: The pulled pork ($5) is the rightful mainstay of the menu. It’s all those things pulled pork should be: fatty, juicy, smoky, and a touch sweet. The bun is a perfectly-appropriate spongy cousin to milk bread and coco bread. I would have liked coleslaw to give fat-cutting acid and maybe the option of a tangy, spicy hot sauce.

  • The braised beef sandwich special from Fat Louie's.

    The braised beef sandwich special from Fat Louie's.

    Better Off With: As is usually the case with small operations the featured special can be a goldmine where the cook has devoted his attention and expertise. On one visit they had a braised beef sandwich ($6) that was an excellent mix of fatty beef, sweet tomato sauce, and spicy pepper–black and hot.

    Dark and crispy rosemary fried from Fat Louie's.

    Dark and crispy rosemary fried from Fat Louie's.

    The fries (add them to a sandwich for $3, drink included) are dark and crispy while remaining fluffy on the inside.

  • Lunch Location and Hours: In the Rona parking lot at 110 West Toronto St. If you’re coming from the nearby intersection of Keele and St. Clair you’ll see the massive Home Depot first (it’s south of there) and what might be Toronto’s ugliest building that wears its elevated parking lot like a poured-concrete belt at Keele and West Toronto (head west). Hours are 11 AM to 6 PM, seven days a week for the summer at least.
  • Time to Get Food After Placing Order: Ten minutes but the menu does note that they’re Fat Louie’s and not Fast Louie’s.
  • The Added Touches: Two picnic tables with umbrellas comfortably located near the trees at the corner of the parking lot.
  • Social Media: none.

To see my methodology and description of each of these categories as well as all of my Toronto food trucks profiles visit the Food With Legs food trucks page.

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