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Delicious Food Show

Acadian Sturgeon caviar

This weekend the CNE’s Better Living Centre will be taken over by the first annual Delicious Food Show. The show is sponsored ┬áby Food Network Canada and features food and wine vendors, demonstrations, and celebrity appearances.

The Twirlees Truck moves indoors for the Delicious Food Show.

The Twirlees Truck moves indoors for the Delicious Food Show.

Cold weather and snow will mean more of an uphill battle for our growing food truck scene. But, parked inside, the delicious soft serve from Twirlees (I had the Iced Cappuccino flavour) really hit the spot, especially for $2 a serving.

The ratio of good stuff to line-ups is always highest in the first year for one of these events. And this mostly applied on the very first night of the Delicious Show even if casual observers claimed that the lines were following me around.

Two "sliders" with brisket on the left and pulled pork on the right.

One example was the Hank Daddy’s BBQ booth that by the time we left it had a line stretching beyond forty people. They were selling a lot of their (obscene) pulled pork parfaits but I preferred the brisket sandwich. Like most Toronto barbecue it could have used way more smoke.

The Sprucewood shortbread booth.

The Sprucewood shortbread booth.

Part of the attraction to these shows is that comparable products are available in the same building. You could set up a mustard showdown but it’s actually shortbread that I found myself comparing. Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. rose to the top of my list.

On the product side of the ledger the glasses made from repurposed beer and liquor bottles are really cool. They’re made by Artech Studios in Tory Hill and are available at the show and in various Toronto retailers.

Over at Alexa Clark has a pretty complete schedule of the highlights from the weekend’s seminars and celebrity food appearances. The show’s up-to-date schedule can be found here. And as Alexa notes Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi will be there Saturday at 1 PM to sign her new book.

Fellow Spotlighter Jen Bylok was one of my scouting partners in crime for the show’s opening night. Head over to Spotlight to read her excellent article.

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  1. [...] the mixed experience I had at the Delicious Food Show–some very good shortbread and a couple of other delicious bites but mostly mind-numbing [...]

  2. Jodi says:

    Given what you said about Delicious Show in your post about Royal Fair, I thought you were going to be much more scathing. I think you were holding back in this one David Ort. It sounds horrendous!

  3. foodwithlegs says:

    Hi Jodi, maybe I did hold a bit back here but I felt like I was mentally swimming upstream against the evidence that thousands of people were willing to give their time and money to attend the Delicious Show. My lens for writing this post was: Now that you’re through the gates here is how to make the best of it.

    Also, I was only able to make the Thursday night of the Delicious Show and there were some demo speakers like Matt Kantor that I regretted missing and that’s why I linked to Alexa’s post.


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