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Trip Report: Charlottetown

The Three Pigs Burger: bacon, pulled pork, and ground pork in one harmonious patty.

I just finished what counts as a whirlwind vacation on P.E.I., Canada’s most relaxed and relaxing province.  We toured a mussel packing plant, cooked and ate more than our fair-share of lobster rolls, and saw a traditional Acadian clay oven. These will all get due coverage in later posts but, while the experience is fresh with me I want to spend a few words on the restaurants in Charlottetown where we ate and drank.

DB Brickhouse at 125 Sydney Street

DB Brickhouse at 125 Sydney Street

On our first day on The Island we looked for lunch by foot and when we found that the much-discussed Lot 30 doesn’t open until dinner service at 5 PM, we turned to our second choice, The Daniel Brenan Brickhouse. (more…)