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Oktoberfest at Bier Markt

Oktoberfest at Bier Markt

For whatever reason — probably having a lot to do with where German-Canadians settled — Ontario’s Oktoberfest celebrations tend to be held quite a trek from Toronto. There’s the long-standing one in the K-W that everyone knows about and a newer one in Van Kleek Hill put on by Beau’s that everyone should know about.

In town, Bier Markt is celebrating that most Bavarian of festivals with a special beer and food menu. (more…)

#LegsAndTie with Yorkshire Valley Farms and Edulis

“You had me at Edulis” – or at least that’s how I remember responding when Marian from Branding and Buzzing asked me to participate in Yorkshire Valley Farms #LegsAndTie programme.

To build exposure for their brand and product the organic chicken producer hired B & B to recruit four bloggers who would each be matched with one of four different restaurants to create a dish with their chicken. After going in for a day at the restaurant’s kitchen each of us then had the opportunity to invite nine friends for a dinner built around the main-event chicken dish. Twitter activity and a sponsored post would result, but more importantly folks would get the opportunity to taste some really delicious food while in the enjoyable company of like-minded foodsters. (more…)

Marben 3.0 and the Sausage League

I had the pleasure last weekend of getting a good part of the way into Pete Brown’s latest book, Shakespeare’s Pub. As part of his survey of the history of the George Inn, Brown introduces the philosophical problem that is known to students of the classics as Theseus’s paradox and to fans of BBC television as the Problem of Trigger’s Broom. Simply put, the question in both cases is: if all constituent parts of a thing (be it a wooden ship or a street sweeper’s tool) are replaced is it still the same thing? (more…)

Little Anthony’s New Menu

Little Anthony's New Menu

Every neighbourhood in Toronto deserves its very own “casual Italian fare” spot.  Paisano’s at Willowdale and Sheppard, was our go-to in my part of North York and we recently discovered that Marcello’s rises above the St. Clair West crowd to claim a devoted following on Corso Italia. The suits and skirt-suits who work around Queen and University — no one’s allowed to live that close to the centre of the universe, right? — can get their fix for gourmet, straight-ahead Italian at Little Anthony’s Restaurant and Bar.

The downtown osteria held a media dinner to showcase their new menu last month. The jointly-responsible occasions for this event were: the 1-year anniversary of Andreas Antoniou taking charge of the restaurant his family owns (he also runs Estiatorias VOLOS), and hiring Chef Garth Legree (County General) to take over from Aaron Foster.

Goose Island Comes to Ontario

Bottles of Goose Island Sofie and Matilda

At the same time that a new brewery seems to open in Ontario every week, we are also treated to the release of widely-recognised, international beers almost as often. Two Belgian style ales from Chicago’s goose island brewery – Sophie and Matilda – will be making their Ontario debut this April.

The plan is to have them in LCBOs by the week of April 29. Until then, they are exclusively available at Nota Bene on Queen Street West. I had the pleasure of attending a media lunch there last week to mark the occasion. (more…)