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New Products

Italpasta High Fibre Total Pasta

Fortifying white-flour pasta with fibre is the big new thing in pasta and Toronto’s Italpasta is joining the market. Fibre-fortified pasta appeals to those who want the health benefits of whole wheat without the grainy taste and rougher texture of whole wheat pasta. Their Total Pasta line is made from Canadian-grown durum wheat and fortified with inulin from chicory root. (more…)

Campbell’s new Stock First line

Campbell’s Canada has released a new line of products called Stock First. They have aimed these offerings at “the cook who wants to be a chef at home.”

They have a Beef and Chicken version that are parallel products to existing broths. Compared to the broths, the stocks are thicker, have a richer flavour and are intended to do things enrich sauces instead of, say acting as a base for soup. As well, at 480 ml the package size is smaller and that points to the idea that recipes may call for less than a cup of the stock. (more…)

Rice Bran Oil

About a year and a half ago I ordered a book called Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work that has become one of my staple cooking references. Their recipe for cold-smoked fried chicken sent me on a bit of a wild-goose chase for rice bran oil because at that time it wasn’t carried very widely in Toronto grocery stores. The Hansells Group and their Alfa One brand of rice bran oil is now working to change that.

From the preview event they held a couple weeks ago at the Sub Zero & Wolf Showroom in Toronto I took home a sample of the product. They were demo’ing examples of the oil used for sauteeing, baking, in a salad dressing and as part of the sauce for Thai curry mussels and everything tasted but I wanted to test the oil out at home.

Eggplant fritter frying in rice bran oil.

Eggplant fritter frying in rice bran oil.

On our trip to Spain last April we managed to develop a low-level addiction to fried eggplant fritters with honey. Since we’ve been back we’ve made them at least once a month. Most recipes like the berenjenas con miel in Claudia Roden’s The Food Of Spain call for soaking eggplant slices in milk, dusting them with flour and then frying in sunflower oil. Because the coating is so light and the other flavours are so neutral this seems like an ideal situation for a side-by-side test. (more…)