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Food iPhone Apps

I’m late to the i-game but I think I may have an interesting perspective on the world of apps available for iPads, iPhones, and the iPod Touch like mine. There seem to be three categories of apps that are useful to cooks: recipe apps; utilities (like timers); and what I call guilty conscience apps.

In the recipe category the best should be able to stand in for cookbooks, I think. When apps offer the same collection of recipes as an entire cookbook they can seem inexpensive (maybe $5 versus $30) but compare the 125-year-old cookbooks that are almost as useful today as they were when bought to the probably useful lifetime of app technology.

Caution when taking your expensive deviceĀ  into a hot, wet, and greasy kitchen is a good idea and apparently cryo-vacing iPhones (like this guy does) has become quite popular. So, as always, operate at your own risk. I’ve found four recipe apps that I really quite like and I think would be very useful for most intermediate cooks: (more…)