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Grilled Cheese Napoletana

A grilled cheese sandwich featuring black olives and anchovies, plus tomatoes and basil in a supporting role.

Writing about grilled cheese sandwiches is a tense situation for me. On one hand I can’t fathom how some recipe bloggers think that two slices of Wonder bread, a Kraft single, and chicken doused in Frank’s hot sauce–a buffalo chicken sandwich, right?!?–constitutes a worthwhile post. On the other, grilled cheese was the first turn-the-stove-on dish I learned to make on my own. This grilled cheese napoletana with anchovies and black olives is perfect for those, like me, who count salty, briny food as their favourite indulgence. (more…)

Grilled Cheese for a Hangover

Kale with bacon makes the perfect filling for a grilled cheese sandwich on "one of those mornings."

The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts is easily one of the most widely-recognised cookbooks of the last year. It won an IACP award, was nominated for a James Beard Book Award, and won the carefully-judged and competitive Piglet tournament. I cook from its recipes a couple times a month and hear people talk about it just as much. And when they do the recipe that comes up all the time is the Kale for a Hangover. (more…)

Grilled Cheese with Ribs and Slaw

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ribs and Slaw served with a dill pickle

The folks who run the Gorilla Cheese truck have what is easily one of the most popular food trucks in southern Ontario. I really like to see nice people do well but have to admit that their popularity annoyed me.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are probably the first meal I learned to make on my own. Why would anyone want to line up for an hour for something that fifteen-year-old me could make when instead, without waiting, they could have any of a score of more complex dishes? I watched just that happen at last summer’s third Food Truck Eats event and was flabbergasted.

The idea that these are more complex creations started to dawn on me after I attended the opening for Cheesewerks, a bricks-and-mortar competitor for the gorilla. But really it wasn’t until a month ago when I tried The Bubba at the Gorilla Cheese truck that I came full circle. That is one delicious sandwich.

Delicious enough that I was inspired to make it at home with my own substitution for the pulled pork they use. (more…)