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Jamie Drummond’s Supertaster Video

supertastervideoJamie Drummond, one of the co-founders and editors of Good Food Revolution has posted a fascinating video this week. It is a collection of short clips showing what happened when he got hundreds of people to take a field test that purports to tell whether they are supertasters are not.

Over the five years that I’ve been writing about food and drink in Toronto, Jamie has been one of my most well-known colleagues. Undoubtedly, that’s partly because he’s a friendly, gregarious person, but it didn’t hurt that starting in early 2011 he became known for being the guy with the video camera asking you to put a piece of treated paper in your mouth while he recorded your reaction. (more…)

VQA Sparkling Wine Tasting

Earlier in December I attended a sparkling wine tasting put on by Wine Country Ontario at Stock Restaurant in the Trump Hotel. It was one of those events that offered excellent company, great wine, and some useful information.

Angelo Pavan, Winemaker and Founding Partner at Cave Spring Cellars joined us for the educational and tasting portion of the lunch. Pavan identified two trends for Ontario sparkling wine that I think are worth examining from a consumer perspective. (more…)

Stone Road Grille $100 Giveaway for Wine Country Ontario’s #12daysWCO

December in food blog land — “flavour country” to you and me — is the magical time for giveaway contests. The PR companies that represent various brands approach writers and say: “we have this really great doodad that we’d like you to give your readers a chance of winning.” Often the doodad isn’t so great or it just doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation I try to have on Food With Legs. That’s my fairly obvious way of introducing an exception, a really great prize that I think you’ll want to win, to give to a loved one or keep for yourself.

The Wine Council of Ontario runs a programme they call Wine Country Ontario that promotes the idea that our province’s wine regions are more than just a great place to get sloshed surrounded by rows of grape vines, disappearing over the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, they like wine, but also want to help you find a place to stay in the County, plan your route while on Pelee Island and a great restaurant to eat at while in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (more…)

Ruffino Vertical Tasting

Setting up for the Ruffino vertical tasting at Biaggio.

Cellar age and the control exerted by a designated wine region’s authority are supposed to be two of the most important factors that affect how a wine tastes.  I think it’s easy to wonder about the magnitude of the change because we so rarely get to submit wines to any sort of objective comparison. Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of joining others as interested (and more knowledgeable) in wine for a tasting of some of the Ruffino portfolio led by Adolfo Folonari. (more…)

Hardy’s Winemaker’s Dinner

Bill Hardy speaking at the beginning of the dinner held at the Edward Day Gallery.

Winemakers’ dinners usually offer some technical insights into the wines tasted. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend one hosted by Bill Hardy who is a brand ambassador for the wines that bear his family’s name. Mr. Hardy and those stand out as having colourful that go well beyond harvest dates, time spent in barrels, and residual sugar statistics. (more…)