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Clotts Mamato

I am always surprised that more people don’t know that the Bloody Caesar was invented in Canada.  The story goes that in the late sixties bartender Walter Chell created the cocktail from the typical ingredients for pasta vongole (clams and tomato sauce) as part of the festivities for launching a new Italian restaurant in Calgary. Motts is searching for the most passionate Caesar-lover to head their campaign to have the Caesar made Canada’s national drink through this Facebook page.

This promotion brought my friend Jason instantly to mind.  On top of being an aficionado of all things Clamato he is also a die-hard political junkie.  Hoping for some choice reminiscences about Caesars mixed in his room on 3rd Whit when we were undergrads I dropped him an email.  Jason did not disappoint.  I’ll let him speak for himself: (more…)