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Burger’s Priest Secret Menu

Update: After you’re done with the secret menu don’t forget to read about the blind taste test we did between Burger’s Priest and Holy Chuck and the new BP location at Yonge and Lawrence.

This June The Burger’s Priest will celebrate its first anniversary of opening on Queen Street just east of Coxwell. For Shant Mandirosian and his team it has been a year of unexpected success. I’ve posted before about the place but the food is so good that just like the Stockyards it deserves another write-up.

Following in the footsteps of Now Magazine’s Steven Davey I’m going to risk a lifetime ban and list the Burger’s Priest secret menu. The blocks that build this menu are BP’s delicious house-ground, all-beef 4 oz. patties; the breaded and deep-fried portobello caps with cheese (i.e. the vegetarian alternative or “The Option” for short); and their pleasingly standard-issue compressible and absorbent bun. Here’s the standard menu as posted in the restaurant.

Burgers Priest Secret Menu The High Priest: God's Big Mac

Burgers Priest Secret Menu The High Priest: God

High Priest: I’m going to write this carefully so please read it that way: McDonald’s does not sell anything  which one can defend, with a straight face and clear conscience, as obviously delicious (The McRib is the only even remotely-possible exception; the fries are the only historical exception in my living memory), but they have a lot of the ideas right in conception. Cutting potatoes into near shoe strings and cooking them until they’re just the far side of blond in a neutral-tasting fat (‘n’ chips taste like fish, and those from fried chicken joints also pick up flavours which are all well and good there but not with a burger) represents one of the great peaks in the french fry mountain chain. Similarly, putting a third bun between two beef patties so that it adds stability and absorbs extra juices and fat from its neighbours (better there than on your hands) as McD’s does with the Big Mac is a great idea.

The Burger’s Priest High Priest has a standard bun bottom as the “middle bun” and the usual Big Mac toppings (some of you must know the jingle by heart even though I needed to look at Youtube) including a take on Mac sauce. Great beyond words.

Holy Smokes: The standard double-double but with the addition of panko-breaded jalapeno peppers. Add “smoke” to any of the regular menu options.

Blue Steel and Magnum, the two newest secret menu additions, out for a picnic together.

Blue Steel and Magnum, the two newest secret menu additions, out for a picnic together.

Blue Steel and Magnum: The newest additions to the secret menu are named after two of the signature poses of Ben Stiller’s most fingernails-on-a-chalkboard character (and that’s saying something), Derek Zoolander.  The Blue Steel adds blue cheese to the regular hamburger and the Magnum is a regular hamburger plus blue cheese and bacon. And, yes, if you want to order these you’ll have to make the faces so start practicing with a mirror and these youtube links. Both are worth the indignity.

The Vatican City: Grilled cheese sandwiches (the sandwiches are each made from two bun halves flipped so that the outsides face the cheese slice between them) stand in for buns. This is sort of the stuffed-crust of burgers–but delicious instead of ridiculous. The default setup here is a double-double but it sounds like you can “Vatican-style” any of the burger options.

Two cheeseburger patties with an option between them is the Secret Menu's The Pope.

Two cheeseburger patties with an option between them is the Secret Menu's The Pope.

The Pope: A double cheeseburger with an option between the two cheesed patties. This one is really delicious and massive without being over-the-top.

Tower of Babel: Like the Pope but with Vatican City style grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

Judgment Day: Two Options with a cheesed patty between them. This addition to the secret menu was brought to my attention through this post on rock-it promotions’ On The Fourth Floor blog.

Armageddon: Same as the Judgment Day but with two cheesed patties squeezed between the Options.

Noah’s Ark: An Option with chili and cheese on a bun.

Add bacon to the Option and (naturally) you get a Religious Hypocrite

Add bacon to the Option and (naturally) you get a Religious Hypocrite

Religious Hypocrite: A veggie burger (the Option) with bacon added. This is the thin edge upon which all vegetarian resolutions balance and I admire any vegetarian who can resist this gateway drug. When I don’t feel like a High Priest or a Pope this is now my go-to “lighter” option.

Jarge-style cheeseburger: The patty is coated in ballpark mustard and cooked with onions

Jarge-style cheeseburger: The patty is coated in ballpark mustard and cooked with onions

Jarge-style: Taken from the above-mentioned Now Magazine review: “Tell them you want your Double Double (with extra fried onions, $8.99) cooked Jarge-style (pronounced Jarz-sh) and they’ll fry it in ballpark mustard. Sounds terrible, tastes terrific.” Those familiar with In-N-Out’s trademarked secret menu will know this as “Animal-style”.

Riggs and Murtaugh is a vanilla shake with a bit of chocolate

Riggs and Murtaugh is a vanilla shake with a bit of chocolate

Riggs and Murtaugh: The Yonge Street location does milkshakes and order this if you’re looking for a bit of chocolate milk in your vanilla shake.

Jarge-style shake: In typical Animal style that’s a vanilla, stawberry, and chocolate shake mixed together. Monstrosity or pretty good idea? If you’ve tried it leave a comment below and let us know.

The BP also mused about a Jonah–butter-braised lobster claw in the middle of a double-double–as a one-time secret menu addition on their facebook page.

From experience I can understand the desire to leave the building with your priestly burger and enjoy the warm weather but there is a right way to do this. Keep moving past the burger junkies mainlining beef grease on the parking curbs just beside BP and head south to Woodbine Park or even better the boardwalk at Ashbridges Bay. Whatever you do eat your fries on the way. The combined hydrophilic effects of salt, hot potatoes, and a tightly-closed paper bag will otherwise render them soggy. If anyone has developed a handlebar-mounted french fry holder I’m buyin’.

Read more about Burger’s Priest including:

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  1. Nock4Six says:

    Excellent write up! I am VERY fortunate to live in the Leslieville neighborhood, so the BP is not far from my house. Their burgers are absolutely, hands down, the BEST I have ever eaten. Thanks for the write up!

  2. Mike says:

    For whatever reason, nobody ever seems to take good pictures of these burgers. Here’s a picture of my Judgement Day ( I enjoyed every bite of it. I’ll definitely go back to try the other secret menu items.

  3. Nicole says:

    Had The High Priest….. May He Be Blessed…. What the Big Mac dreams it could be some day….. Mammoth ….. Delectable …. GO!

  4. Murray says:

    Great article. I find it funny that BP now has a lobster claw on one of its burgers. I guess they stole it from Dangerous Dans, Much like they stole the grilled cheese bun burger from Ted Reader.

    Where is the 6×6? Is it dead?

  5. [...] just plain heaven. And in Googling their website to add the link, I just came across their secret menu. Which means I’ll be making that mission again, and soon. If you live in TO and haven’t [...]

  6. DreWay says:

    After reading this article I knew my first burger at this place had to be the High Priest! I like the Big Mac, but I LOVE THE HIGH PRIEST! This is definitely on my top 5 burgers in Toronto. On one of next visits, I should try a banquet burger as this would be a fairer comparison to my other favorites.

  7. [...] smallest burger, with cheese. It was a double patty. People, this is a lot of meat! They feature a secret menu and Ryan actually ordered off of it. He ordered The Vatican with breaded jalapenos. It was so [...]

  8. [...] fewer options and permutations supported by the occasional special; Burger’s Priest has their ever-expanding secret menu; Holy Chuck puts all sixteen “burger” options (two vegetarian, four featuring pork or [...]

  9. squin says:

    you didn’t mention the low priest– the one-patty version of the high priest. for those who prefer more meat-to-bun ratio.

  10. Random777Hero says:

    You forgot the Stern Fries – Fries with Jarge-style. Update asap.

  11. [...] there is more to these combatants than just their core burger. Burger’s priest has their secret menu and old-school style; Holy Chuck has seats, delicious milkshakes, and some interesting dessert [...]

  12. cl p says:

    Magnificent site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thank you in your sweat!

  13. [...] offerings are the same as the original location’s–including the secret menu that I revealed in this post. They’ve changed the fries slightly, going to a slightly wider gauge similar to what you used [...]

  14. [...] cheese sandwiches…I couldn’t resist! (Their whole “secret” menu can be found here: Soooo good. But, you can’t eat like that all the time… So. After the first day back at [...]

  15. [...] Word on the street is that there is a not-so-secret menu that you can order from. [...]

  16. Greg Keane says:

    First the black helicopters and the government listening to my brain waves now, I think BP is trying to kill me. The original location in the Beach was a trip for me as I live at Yonge and Eglinton I have only gone a couple times. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine told me The Burger’s Priest has opened a new location at 3397 Yonge Street, at Teddingon Park north of Lawrence. It has the same hours as the original on Queen Street.

    And that is clear and obvious evidence that BP is try to kill me with it’s double cheese burger goodness.

    My tinfoil hat won’t protect me from this.

  17. [...] Minute Ago (2/1/2012 4:37pm) in reply to Unforseen Burger Preist Secret Menu The High Preist is the stone cold nuts [...]

  18. [...] burger chains, such as In & Out in California, have been successful with.  Food blogger Food With Legs has done a good job to break down some of the hidden gems here. Never judge a menu before Googling. [...]

  19. Nan says:

    Thanks for this post – went yesterday and ordered a double cheeseburger, jarge-style, with smoke. Delicious, hot molten goodness. loved the breaded jalapenos. Will definetly try to get there again soon!

  20. [...] Priest is nowhere to be found on the menu. That’s because The Burger’s Priest has a secret menu, which is arguably better than the actual menu. The Religious Hypocrite is definitely one that I [...]

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  22. [...] Food With Legs has a detailed description of the Secret Menu at Burger’s Priest. [...]

  23. tommy boy says:

    The idea that The Burger Priest has some people posting comments like “hands down” best burger i’ve ever eaten and other silliness like that leads me to believe that the masses just don’t know what good food is. The burger is average at best, reeks of butter and only a sheltered fool would consider this a good burger, particularly at plus 15 bucks with fries and pop. Then again, they didn’t choose to open the little burger shack next to three fast food restaurants by fluke; KFC, Harvey’s and McDonald’s, three perfect anchors to pull in the likes of people that wouldn’t know good food if it slapped them across the face.

  24. foodwithlegs says:

    Tommy Boy, I think the Burger’s Priest burger is a good burger. You offer opinions on the preferences of others but studiously avoid stating your own. What do you think is a good burger?

  25. [...] menu is apparently available online but I couldn’t find it on their Facebook. Thanks to FOOD WITH LEGS‘s detailed review on their items, I decided to pick the High Priest burger. It was just like [...]

  26. Daniel says:

    There is another one that I found with my friend that no one has ordered before it is called “the red sea” it is a hamburger with chilli on it without the option. You can get withcheese or a double patty

  27. Serge says:

    Tried the blue steel. Really good. Top 5 burger joint in Toronto.

  28. Looks like the Burger’s Priest has their secret menu accessible online now!

  29. James says:

    Tried most of these. By far the best burger joint in toronto!

  30. […] honest I’m most proud of the post that, for a time, made me look like a one-hit blogging wonder: The Burger’s Priest Secret Menu. It was useful and well-used (on several occasions I stood in line behind people who had print-outs […]

  31. […] popular blog posts that my friend David Ort (Food with Legs) ever published is his post about the secret menu at Burger’s Priest. How popular is it? WHen I googled his blog name, that very post came up. I recall an interview […]

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