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Burger’s Priest’s New Location

Burger's Priest's uptown location on Yonge north of Lawrence.

It isn’t easy to get to Queen and Coxwell unless you live nearby. The first time I tried visiting the Burger’s Priest it was (briefly) closed for renovations, but I’ve been back several times (rode my bike there once last summer) but am happy that I’ll no longer have to go to the middle of nowhere (apologies to friends who live in darkest Leslieville) for my next BP fix.

That’s because Shant Mardirosian has opened a second location of his popular cheeseburger joint on Yonge Street between Lawrence and York Mills.

Food offerings are the same as the original location’s–including the secret menu that I revealed in this post. They’ve changed the fries slightly, going to a slightly wider gauge similar to what you used to get at Harvey’s (versus McDonald’s-sized on Queen).

Milkshakes have also been added to the hymn-board style menu. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and coffee flavours will go for four dollars. (Shakes aren’t available during opening week.)

The new location is roomier and offers roughly fifteen stools and washrooms for those who opt to dine in. They’ve also chosen to be less subtle about their devout religious affiliation and have decorated the walls with Bible passages in both English and Hebrew. (I imagine we’ll see some mild outrage when those who raised an eyebrow at The Gospel section of the website get a look at this.)

Eight blocks north of Lawrence station is still not as accessible as Holy Chuck‘s spot around the corner from St. Clair station. As frequent Food With Legs readers will know, Holy Chuck offers a similar double cheeseburger that barely edged Burger’s Priest in a blind tasting.

Judging by the popularity of the Queen St. location and lineups that The Grid reported on at the opening last night we will likely see more Priests opening across Toronto. Mardirosian has been reluctant to expand too quickly for fear that he will lose control and quality will slip below top-notch but a location outside Toronto proper has been rumoured.

The Burger’s Priest: 3397 Yonge St. (at Teddington Park), Toronto; open 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM Mon – Wed, 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM Thur – Fri, and noon to 10:30 PM Sat.

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  1. Heck, David, I never get to the original Burger’s Priest and I live four blocks away.

  2. [...] Update: The Burger’s Priest has opened a new location at 3397 Yonge Street, at Teddingon Park north of Lawrence. It has the same hours as the original on [...]

  3. Eden Spodek says:

    David, thanks for reviewing the Burger’s Priest’s new location. If it weren’t so darn cold today, I’d probably take my family there for dinner tonight but lining up on a frosty night would probably negate any delights to our palettes.

    Have you tried the Burger Cellar two doors down? It’s a great alternative for people wanting more than burgers. I’m curious to learn how their burgers compare.

    I also oved Nona, the restaurant Burger’s Priest replaced. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to catch on with the neighbourhood.

  4. Gary Oak says:

    If the original location was in the middle of nowhere, the new location is in dimension x… Yonge and Lawrence is not closer to Nunavut than anything relevant.

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