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When I review or mention a book I like to provide a link to where they can be purchased.  I don’t know why really but I started off linking to the Chapters/Indigo site and have kept this up out of momentum and a faint desire for continuity. has recently started to offer the associate store programme (or at least it has recently crossed my radar) so I have set up a store and am in the process of converting links.

The Food With Legs store can be accessed by clicking on the “Store” tab the top-right or directly by clicking here.

All of the books in my Store are ones that I have read, cooked from, or own myself.  These are books that I recommend.  In the general category alone four of the six–Mcgee and Keller are really for more advanced, specialised cooking–would make excellent first and only cookbooks.  It’s not an exhaustive list but I understand that in many ways a recommendation depends on its exclusivity.  Right now the number of books in the store is in low forties and I’ll do my best to keep it below sixty.

Apparently, I’m paid a small commission whenever someone buys a book from Amazon through my store so if you see any on the list that you have been thinking of buying please consider doing so here.

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