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Enjoying the Ferry Building Farmers' Market in San Francisco.

Enjoying the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market in San Francisco.

This is the place I come to when I want to think about food. Here you’ll find my honest opinion on a number of Toronto restaurants, curious treatments of the recipes I cook from, and reflections from my vegetable garden.

If the roughly three hundred and fifty posts here aren’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to find that I’ve managed to spread my writing further afield:

  • Every week my thoughts about a particular beer are published in my First Draught column on the Post City Magazines site. These are then “re-packaged” for the monthly print editions of their chain of neighbourhood magazines.
  • I am one of the editors of Spotlight Toronto and contribute articles on food, beer, and wine there regularly.
  • We have started a sister site for Spotlight called Rickshaw Magazine that focuses on sharing our travel experiences.  I’m also an editor there and regularly contribute articles.
  • With the blogging territory comes requests to write guest posts. One of the ones I most enjoyed doing was a primer on gardening for Food Bloggers of Canada.

This autumn my first book, the Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook will be published by Whitecap Books. Writing the cookbook gave me a wonderful opportunity to combine some of the recipe ideas I’ve developed on Food with Legs with the expertise I’ve gained about beer.  All the information you need about the book (that’s what it will look like below) is available on the dedicated site I’ve created for it at You’ll be able to find it in your local bookstore by November 2013 and can pre-order it now from , Amazon, or Indiebound.

As is so often the case the greatest benefit of this blogging project was an unexpected one.  Writing about what I cook, eat, and grow has changed how I think about food.  Usually this means considering the other two when I’m doing the third. As in, ”how does this burger compare to the one I had last week at Holy Chuck?” or “this spinach might be local but there’s no way it’s grown outside, in a field at this time of year”.   The quality control that I apply to my content causes me to diversify my cooking experiments and  restaurant selection but also to be more exacting in the “search for perfection” when I undertake a new food adventure.
Comment Policy: Please feel free to comment on posts, link to ones you enjoy, or get in touch with me at Those of you who don’t write for the Internet would be shocked if you knew how often those who really should know better act like children, so I have to say…

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The garden, October 2009.

The garden, October 2009.

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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