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December, 2012:

Stone Road Grille $100 Giveaway for Wine Country Ontario’s #12daysWCO

December in food blog land — “flavour country” to you and me — is the magical time for giveaway contests. The PR companies that represent various brands approach writers and say: “we have this really great doodad that we’d like you to give your readers a chance of winning.” Often the doodad isn’t so great or it just doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation I try to have on Food With Legs. That’s my fairly obvious way of introducing an exception, a really great prize that I think you’ll want to win, to give to a loved one or keep for yourself.

The Wine Council of Ontario runs a programme they call Wine Country Ontario that promotes the idea that our province’s wine regions are more than just a great place to get sloshed surrounded by rows of grape vines, disappearing over the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, they like wine, but also want to help you find a place to stay in the County, plan your route while on Pelee Island and a great restaurant to eat at while in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (more…)

Murkey Recipe for Christmas

Adapted from Ruth Goodman's recipe on Wartime Farm my recipe for Murkey.

Alton Brown taught us that stuffing is evil. He awkwardly and half-heartedly rescinded the blanket prohibition against putting bread inside your bird with a well-if-you-really-must episode that involved a pre-roasting turn in the microwave and then a cloth bag and then in to the cavity. That doesn’t sound fun to me, does it sound fun to you? (more…)

Italpasta High Fibre Total Pasta

Fortifying white-flour pasta with fibre is the big new thing in pasta and Toronto’s Italpasta is joining the market. Fibre-fortified pasta appeals to those who want the health benefits of whole wheat without the grainy taste and rougher texture of whole wheat pasta. Their Total Pasta line is made from Canadian-grown durum wheat and fortified with inulin from chicory root. (more…)

Campbell’s new Stock First line

Campbell’s Canada has released a new line of products called Stock First. They have aimed these offerings at “the cook who wants to be a chef at home.”

They have a Beef and Chicken version that are parallel products to existing broths. Compared to the broths, the stocks are thicker, have a richer flavour and are intended to do things enrich sauces instead of, say acting as a base for soup. As well, at 480 ml the package size is smaller and that points to the idea that recipes may call for less than a cup of the stock. (more…)

Second Draught: a wintry porter from Innis & Gunn

Last week’s First Draught post was devoted to Innis & Gunn’s winter porter. This is the second time (out of about 25) that I’ve written about one of their releases and that’s partly because I like what oak-aging does for beer. But, also this porter in particular does a really good job of balancing delicately between representing a seasonal style and not letting those flavours dominate.

An angle here that will be interesting to those who serve Innis & Gunn for a living is that the Scottish brewery is running a contest to determine their next recipe. It’s open to bartenders and involves prizes (including a trip to Scotland for finalists) and some pretty wide recognition. Find more details through their Facebook page (more…)