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October, 2012:

Second Draught: Cannery’s Blackberry Porter

This spring I started writing a regular beer column for that became a weekly affair over the summer. Food With Legs has always been the place where I collect my diverse and eclectic and write about them so it seems appropriate that my beer writing finds a place under this umbrella.


No Longer Chicken of Wild Mushrooms

As kids my brothers and I split our time pretty evenly between sports in our backyard and sports out front in the driveway. In the frontyard we played under a lot of rules that pertained to not get running over by a car; there were a few out back but the one I really remember is: “Don’t Eat The Mushrooms.” (more…)

Three Routes to Apple Butter

This Spring brought bad news from apple farmers. The early weather caused trees to bloom ahead of schedule and then a late frost killed the flowers and young fruit. The wild trees I usually forage apples from were bare. Our best source, actually, has been Not Far From the Tree picks from which we’ve brought home more than fifty pounds of apples.┬áNeedless to say, that’s more than two people can eat before they go bad and one of the ways we dealt with the surplus was by making apple butter. (more…)