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September, 2012:

Savour Stratford and My Fermentation Workshop

It’s hard for me to believe that this will be my third year attending and covering Savour Stratford. In 2010 pork belly on steamed buns was still a novel idea, at least outside of actual David Chang restaurants, and the most popular food truck was selling apple beignets. Last year, I sat in on more of the Saturday events and through workshops on wine, beer, whisky, and charcuterie got a better sense of how much the festival has grown to become a full-weekend event. As usual, the Grand Tasting (and especially the Perth Pork Products table) was a highlight. There are some significant changes in the cards for this year’s festival. (more…)

Summer of Beer

Those who follow my updates on Twitter or Facebook will have noticed that many of my posts this summer–across a few online publications–have been about beer. I want to take the opportunity today to round up some of the highlights. (more…)

Smoothie for a Glutton

Twenty years ago, Jim Harrison wrote that “one of the main causes of death is fretting about your diet.” Wise words and I hope to avoid sailing too close to the wind as I offer what I think is the healthiest recipe in my repertoire.

Restaurant openings, new menu launches, and food truck competitions offer delicious slabs of pork belly, cheese-covered bread, and deep-fried everything but can leave something to be desired nutritionally and digestively. This is the breakfast smoothie I make the day after my consumption of food (and drink) has blown my recommended daily calorie intake out of the water by two or three times. (more…)