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April, 2012:

Cutting Glass Bottles in Stop Motion

Cutting empty beer or wine bottles to make drinking glasses.

Every container of alcohol sold in Ontario has a small deposit added to the price to encourage consumers to return their empties. That’s an easy thing to do if you can collect them in your garage and then drive to the Beer Store. For me, I’m not sure an apartment that smells of stale beer or ┬áthe jangliest of ten-minute bike rides is worth the two and a half bucks.

Still, it annoys me to just throw the bottles in the recycling bin and I’m intrigued by useful ideas of how to reuse or recycle them myself. On a web site called Green Power Science that’s run by Dan Rojas I found this video of what looks like a very effective method of turning empty bottles into drinking glasses and other containers. I ordered the tool and have had great success with it so I thought I’d share my version of the procedure here. (more…)