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November, 2010:

Pickled Tawse Eggs

On our trip to Tawse a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting the winery’s chickens who do such a good job of foraging between the vines.  They also produce (as chickens are wont to do) some top-notch eggs and like any self-respecting group of foodster bloggers our group bought out the several dozen that were available for sale that day.  With the last of my Tawse eggs I made pickled eggs.

For me this is more than just a shock-value post or an attempt to check another box on the culinary to-make list.  I really like pickled eggs.  They’re vinegary, a little bit salty, a filling snack that feels quite healthy.  Though I don’t claim to be a dietary researcher I’m skeptical of the recent finger pointing at the level of cholesterol in egg yolks.  Historically eggs are one of the longest and most broadly consumed foods and while this is the ultimate in anecdotal evidence they always seem to garner positive mentions from centenarians asked for their “secret to longevity”. (more…)