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As part of the always excellent series of 86′d Mondays at the Drake, Ivy Knight has organised a photo contest for next Monday.  Photographers, amateur and professional, were invited to enter their photos in five categories (Food, Places, Things, Drinks, and People) to be judged by an esteemed panel.  The deadline for submissions has passed but I understand the event on the 17th will feature the winners and delicious popcorn from Toronto chefs so all are encouraged to attend.

Some fellow bloggers were cagey enough to ask for crowd-sourced help to pick their submissions.  I went the more traditional route and threw darts–a process I can’t recommend less where a computer screen is involved.  I don’t take nearly enough pictures of people so I didn’t enter that category.  I’m going to play coy with you and only share the off-cuts that I didn’t enter.

Let’s all revel in my ability to choose corny or painfully obvious photo titles.


Barrel Cellar

Hints of Minerality


Cast Iron

Aubergine Terrine

The Grind


April in the Garden

The Wood Oven

End of Season (The green tomato is a self-defense projectile.)


Winter Sunshine

It Slipped

Sausage Fest

Chicken Skin

Spaghetti Carb

Easter Offal


Sweetbread Pizza

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