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August, 2009:

Home Cured Bacon

The oh so delicious finished product

The oh so delicious finished product

In common with just about every carnivorous (or omnivorous) human I really like bacon.  With Michael Ruhlman’s Charcuterie and this post from to guide me I decided to try and cure my own.

The first step in making bacon at home is probably the most challenging.  Major grocery stores, it seems, carry a dozen permutations (different brands, reduced salt, apple wood smoked, maple flavoured, thick cut) of factory-processed bacon but I have never come across a big piece of fresh, un-smoked pork belly in their refrigerated cases or at their meat counter. I know that European Meats in Kensington Market and T & T supermarkets across the GTA stock them but none of these options were convenient.  Surprisingly, the No Frills at Yonge and Steeles carries pork bellies (along with other pig parts like snouts, kidneys, and tongues) in their butcher case. (more…) Guest Post

Backyard kale with a sprig of minting poking in

Backyard kale with a sprig of mint poking into the picture on the left is carrying a guest post from me about urban gardening today.  I offer some useful tips for those looking to grow some vegetables in tight urban spaces and the post features the first pictures of this year’s zucchini and basil-in-a-can.  Gardening is, to me, the most important (and rewarding) spoke in the local food wheel.  Below are a selection of my other gardening posts:

Please head over to sweethome and take a look.

July Garden Update

Southern Ontario has had a wet and not very sunny June and July this year.  This is a bit of challenge to gardeners.  Our garden at the cottage is, for the most part, doing surprisingly well.  I thought I’d produce a mainly photos post updated its progress